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Testimony Hour

By: Nikki B.

Day One:
Heaviest flow, pain in hips and legs, very irritable, excruciating cramps, super tired, feeling drained which has always been an issue. Popular brand would extremely irritate the special area causing chaffing, severe itching and dryness. This would create a very serious allergic reaction. Very strong odor and constant change due to overflow. Experienced a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. With the unbearable pain, there would always be a need for pain medications that would only last for so long if it worked at all.
Oct 4, 2017 at 7:15 a.m. Applied the “Cherish pad” by 7:48 a.m. all above conditions were completely gone. Absolutely no irritation, very comfortable and lightweight. Take note still no pain at 4 p.m. no leaking nor need for pain medication. During the trial run/experiment the Premium Cherish Pad was used for close to 12 full hours no leaking...Changed around 7:30 p.m. OMGOODNESS! At that time noticed that there was no scent at all. The flow was captured directly in the center of the napkin. When the change was initially made shortly thereafter experienced a very light tingling sensation that was actually refreshing. Also, felt unusually calm...whereas any other cycle caused mood swings and irritability. No cramps or pain, No irritability, No tiredness or draining feel, No allergic reaction or use of medication. During the first day, an amazingly very pleasant flow day!
Day Two:
Absolutely NO leaking!! During the night flow was extremely lighter than normal. Regular flow day heaviest on day one and two. Surprisingly, flow was just about done by end of day two. Normal cycle three very full days and lighter going into day four. Odorless completely. Decided to be bold and wear a pantyliner went shopping and conducted day just like as if were wearing a popular branded sanitary napkin. By end of day completely dry and comfortable!! Almost forgot there was a cycle present!
Day Three:
COMFORTABLE & DRY!! Pantyliner day!! Bold enough to wear only a liner with a cute beige fitted dress skirt...Fully protected! Flow had left super early! During lunch had no problem with going with the flow for the very first time in 21 years!! Never was so excited to know that flow would ever be this nice.
Will forever be happy, blessed, grateful and Nspired to have found this wonderful God send directly from the Heavenly Father!!
My Deepest Appreciation Goes To All Developers Of Nspire Network!!
Even more privileged to be apart of this Phenomenal Movement!!
Gratefully and Sincerely,
Queen Nikki B.

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